Are there really such things as aliens?

You can say yes, or you can say no. Either way the answer is staggering. The answer your child wants to hear, of course, is a definitive yes, and they will be coming over for dinner tonight and bringing pizza. Or maybe they are not as advanced as we are, and are waiting for US to find THEM. But it’s also possible that they are so far away that they haven’t been able to reach us yet, and we aren’t able to get to them until someone invents a faster spaceship. The number of planets out there similar to earth in temperature and with sufficient water is abundant, so the chances of life existing on other planets is estimated at close to 100%, whether it’s a form of mold or a race of superbeings.

The correct answer for your child, of course, is that doing your math homework is a good way to become an inventor and create a super fast spaceship to meet them, and if you don’t do it we will just be all alone for ever and ever and the aliens will think we don’t like them because we don’t ever visit them, so stop playing video games and get started on your homework.

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